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At Design Moe Kitchen & Bath, we’re excited to work on our client’s whole house remodel or new home specifications.

Often our clients will have already worked with their architect to create a floor plan and exterior elevations. The architect may have done some customization of the interior, but the new kitchen and bathrooms may be blank or may have standard cabinets, appliances, and fixtures that have been “dropped” in with the understanding that these areas will be revised later during construction.

At Design Moe, we work with our clients to customize these interior spaces before the pressures of construction. We provide a comprehensive design process for our customers. We offer interior customization, renderings, and material sourcing. We create furniture floor plans, both to help with planned purchases of new furniture, and to designate a location for client’s existing specialty furniture pieces. Beyond locating the furniture, our integrated tools make it easy for our clients to modify the interiors of their future home’s most important rooms. With our 3D modeling software, clients can visualize changes like open shelving in the kitchen, different fireplace options, or changes in flooring.

We’re aware that there seem to be endless choices to make to specify materials for a whole house. A contractor or architect may organize the decision making in whole-house terms. So on plumbing day, clients choose the faucets for the kitchen, the primary bath, the secondary baths, the exterior kitchen, and the laundry room, all in sequence. But at Design Moe, we’ve observed that human brains are better at remembering details when those details are part of a picture, not a list. In this way we can take the frustration out of home decisions by creating specific area designs and organizing the decisions one room at a time. We also schedule time-saving, designer-assisted trips to look at appliances, tile, flooring, and plumbing fixtures. This gives our clients the most current information on the best, most exciting products available.

At Design Moe Kitchen & Bath, we take the frustration out of custom home construction and remodeling. We are proud to be part of our client’s team, and we work closely with their contractors and subcontractors to ensure success.

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