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Design Moe Kitchen & Bath is here to help with remodeling the bathroom.

A bath redo may be as simple as a basic “remove & replace” remodel, where we replace the old bath fixtures and tile with new fixtures and tiles in the same locations—or it may be something more extensive.  Often, by the time that a homeowner is ready to start a remodel, they have been thinking about making changes for a while, and they see a bath remodel project as an opportunity to finally make those important changes.

This might mean removing existing walls or soffits.  At Design Moe, we use computer modeling to show you how your remodeled space will look without those walls.  At the same time we may also suggest additional architectural changes that could improve the space, such as changing a window to an exterior door, or moving openings in order to integrate spaces, such as the vanity area and the walk-in closet. 

Sometimes the entire layout of the room needs to be reconsidered.  For example, one of the luxury features of primary bathrooms in the past was an oversize whirlpool tub, usually set into an even more oversized deck.  It’s easy to look at that tub and decide that a good way to get more space would be to get rid of it. But then it’s not always obvious how to integrate this new square footage into the rest of the room. Design Moe has the ability to make real-life suggestions for this area– maybe a larger shower, or added storage—and we will use 3D computer modeling to show you how the new area will be integrated into the overall space. A good bathroom plan will give you more efficient storage solutions, larger showers, and beautiful views of the vanity area or the garden windows.

Once we’re satisfied with your new bathroom plan, we work with you to figure out the materials. We specify the plumbing fixtures, cabinets, countertops, and tile, all within a color scheme that complements your home and your style.  Beyond the relatively inexpensive, mass-made plumbing fixtures and tile that are available from the big box retailers are the truly amazing products: the constantly evolving home design products offered by specialty retailers.  

We know that renovating a bathroom requires a significant investment of time, effort, and money.  Design Moe wants to ensure that the end result meets your expectations. A bespoke bathroom design, tailored to your preferences, will create a space you will truly love.

Let Design Moe Kitchen & Bath be your first step towards a new bathroom.

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